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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 1, 2012 11:00pm-12:15am EST

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the herkimer today's special in march broke all records that hsn. to go fast. >>guest: tomorrow night will be crazy. >>host: in the meantime do not hang up whatever you do. pick your color teal, black, chocolate, i love the denim blue (...) >>guest: lipstick red, olive green perfect purple coffee latte. >>host: whatever color, we still have thousands of people, spoken for. and i would love to show that the item number for the huggable hangers. we have about 500 people on hold who could not get through. if you could not, we will get you the item number. that $9.98 is only for this show. i am sure they will honor it if you call quickly. $9.98 to get home 36 hangers plus the most beautiful gift
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bag, tissuegift card the whole thing. free shipping. i somewhere about 15,000 were ordered. >>guest: happy holidays everybody thank you for a spectacular day and happy travels. >>host: enjoy everybody. tamara and i, 11:00 p.m. we are kicking it off. --tomorrow night.13 [♪ music ♪] 3 >>host: well it is a great night to be doing a holiday shopping here hsn my name is shannon smith, a 02 we goodies' intact for you tonight. i know you had your art set on a tablet would degrade if you if could get america's number one selling13 in. computer in the world. how much getting it at home for less in $200. how about getting free and yes virginia anything wanted to, net read,
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watch movies and the list goes on and on. the famous kindle fire and that is part we have planned for you tonight is 3 champac hours of goody but we want to get comfortable and cozy at home. coming up at the end of this hour we have concierge collection and i love only is it 3 flex payments but we have the final 2000 and when they're gone they're gone. these super magic loft mattress our water resistant and stain resistant and then we have a lowest priced advert in some of our hottest sheets to date. i wish we appeal of vision and i wish you could feel these. the pitcher does not do justice but the last time allegra had this on the air they sold out there were
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very popular and they were not as affordable. the sheets come with allow beautiful and brite and it feels like baby skin against you. also are selling a comforter set is coin to blow you away can you believe this? it is a comforter set for less than a hundred dollars is machine washable and it is start things off we have the undeniable stylish allegra buffington. >>guest: you have such a way with words. >>host: she travels though globe and she is our highgate manor expert. ifvyou owned the highgate manor items would like to see here for you tonight. this is not only romantic is safety and everything you want in a candle and so much more. : this is
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been a huge customer pick id 60,000 of these have left the building in the day. it is a good reason because a lot our viewers are savvy to the whole led-lcd candle story we have done a like nobody else colors that are real fashion forward. this also includes the remote control and batteries which were not included never before.this is the first time and highgate manor decided in order to do a better than anybody else.these are all wax led-lcd campbell'sd candles. >>host: these look- alike grill wax? >>guest: they are row wax, honey. bisque 3your gettingof 4 in. height
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candle 6 in. height candle and 8 in. high candle. the remote control is perfectly timed so looks like you are at home while you are working. >>host: it is so nice to come to that romanticism and to some light. i know a sprawling not earth friendly but i do have small lights at home so when i come home if that welcomes me when i get there. this is so much more economical and so much smarter and prettier. the fact that there consented i absolutely love because i do a lot of and i love the romance of the candle but i do not like the interference of a fragrance to go with
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the cooking that i am doing. this is a much safer to be around your pets, children and i tell you how many times i have scorched cabinets and furniture because and thank god nothing more serious happen but it is a worry and problem. >>guest: these are led-lcd candles they will turn off for uc and go to bed there are no concerns. we brought to you these in colors we have available in the sage green and even though you see the glow in and the whole candle is green is just the way its rating on tv. we also have it in the color called a lilac and this is for purple people. >>host: their only a thousand of the lilac available by the way. >>guest: lynn and i think is most sophisticated caller id some beige and has the most
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beautiful glow and i do not know which ankle i like the best? with the timer you ways to lower it to a lower flicker or make it higher. >>host: this is like a remote- controlled item is just on and off. >>guest: this is phenomenal for places where you but the camel's up high were normally you would have to get to a stepstool ladder all you do is just point and click-- click. >>host: with and the cabinetry you can't put a regular candle their efforts to this would be ideal for places like that or you can put a candle. >>guest: have the ivoire and we have theyellow and landed a
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research only one place had these but it was that the peace store and they did not have the remote or batteries included and there were $50. i was kind of excited that we did three pieces with battery included and to meet like a woman i know this sounds very sexist but i3 forget to buy batteries. i love with something or arrives with batteries because that instant gratification and when i get these time i can immediately turn them on. you do have a clinic at the bottom where you could term on and off manually. why fool with that when you can use a remote control and this works from all of the candles even if you put them in different places. >>host:this is overwhelming a customer pick it is very difficult to be a customer pick because many write reviews they're angry not
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please. to give someone when they're at their best to write a comment there 4.7 stars which means who brought them gave them a perfect rating and we have hundreds of reviews. i wish i could do all of my shows with a lower lighting. >>guest: this is a perfect set up for the next part of the conversation and candlelight some really sets the move were talking about ways to entertain all year long. you just want to relax a and have a cup cocoa or when you come home for candelight will really set the mood to put shoot in relaxation. for entertainment purposes everyone will look good under candlelight and instead of having that brilliant fluorescent light on over your table everything will look
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harsh that way.this way you are to accusing-- diffusing the light and setting an ambience and creating of look of another world gone by. >>host: i know the time is getting ready to and so many of you are getting ready to join us that this is the last time we are showing for prime-time and we would love to make these available to you not only will you love them but they are much safer and it will go places your other candles ". just think about the candle lit bath and coming home to the sanctuary of your bedroom if you have some allegra's highgate manor c13 computers. not only is this well white
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your heart beat will help you and call new down from the rest of the day. >>guest: your whole house will look better for a lot of things that the look perfect is the paint you did not get to do or the carpet using get to redo the candlelight will diffuse that annual see the harshness about what's going on in your life that's not really pretty. this would make an ideal gift for someone who's a hostess that likes to entertain a lot you are going to get a set 3 you will receive a 4 in., 6 in. and 8 in. candles and they are columns that are
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done in real wax and there is a organic lip on them that makes him look like the real deal. the batteries have a run right way torate of 200 hours. >>host: the comfort is also coming up we have the final quality's here as well with free shipping and handling and $26.65 will get it at home to you withrse you are also point to see coming up at 12 midnight at its lowest price in history on if you have kindle fire like to say hi to
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testimony all topline will be open for you would like to take all of your kindle stories and it is really like to know how your kindling or if you are fired up is at its lowest price ever it is also an up grated version. you will get parental controls included and3 beautiful touchscreen as well it is perfect for travel play and there's even an act you can download from amazon which will allow you to text for free at serious. this is coin to pay for the purchase a really well at all the details will be coming up at midnight. is be highgate manor in concierge collection show and you are here would like to hear from you the testimony of talkline is open at as well 1-866-376-talk. actually shocked because i remember when we had this on the air $20 and
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they were on fire. -- for $40 and they were on fire. - >>guest: 1 tie you if you are someone who loves that sensation of flannel sheets battersea purse snugly and supersonic against your skin and you love the factor of not having to worry about peeling or fading then you'll love microfiber because it is a miracle fiber it has the ability to be super durable and long- lasting. the colors will stay and the dozen wrinkles if you can take about a the dryer and put them on the bed and at the time of the year you are looking for something to be as simple in your life as possible.3 will be the simple solution for the dressing things in your house before
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guests arrive and bring these to you in phenomenal colors and look what else we did. we in braided detail on the hem of the pillowcases well as on the top sheet and you have beautiful imported design. if you can take these out of the dryer and shake them and put them on the bed they will look this phenomenal always. >>host: with their sheaths we want the best of both to what the said second scan and this novel curl up feeling. 3 sheets and that price range are $32 and change and 82 wrinkle and peel. this is the best of everything it has the softness suppleness and the second scan feeling. you also have easy care and no wrinkling and this is the great thing if your getting the first pair of chief sheets from highgate manor this is the
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best to get feet wet because if you put this inur guest bedroom not only will the gas not want to leave pacino everything will look great and is always coin to be a five-star experience. >>guest: the color on the bed is the mocha brown it is absolutely gorgeous but we also have it available in the light blue and look at the shade. the light blue is all like chris collar with the town on town in6 c13 detail and we also have been in the crisp is fantastic for gift- giving and you do not know what color to get. marlo is a wine color and have it available in this change sage and in the ivory color. about as any size
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sheet you are coin to get in detail their rounds ahold with of the bed and it is all in braided and by the way what we did is the reverse c13 a double so that you do not have the loose threads and if we want it to save money we would not have the double backing on the other side.the sheets are durable when you pull-on out of the washing machine and dryer and when you have company weback and for me in the most important thing is having the sheets to act i have held in the house. it looks like i someone press the sheets and i
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absolutely love them and i was truly only a cotton sheet user. i have to tell you shannon i love the feel of flannel but it is too heavy and i love the brush sensations said that's when i from microfiber. i do not have the heavy weight on me because this is really a light weight and they stay smooth you do not have to press them either. if you think about the fact that color stone fade especially when you have a color like marlo, where moghul like that on the bet that says a lot. is truly the miracle fabrication with the detail that makes it look like it comes from an estate. >>host: won't talk about in v about
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investment sheets these are the ones and this is the time of the year we can use a little hog and caress because the holidays are stressful enough. you want your home to be a sanctuary said this welcome shoot and it makes you want to recline and even if you do not get as13 sleep. i know this is the case for all of us that work here hsn so the quality of sleep again will be better and if you combine these whit the sleepless flameless candles be able to sleep better. >>guest: it is all about making your home feeling like get away resort and this is well spent money because sheets will be right your score on your skin and there is a sense of pride when
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your company comes for the party and whether it is a branch or a cocktail party. let me tell you guess through the house even if you shut the door. make sure your beds look and it could be the sofa bed you are preparing, mattressthose whitby's embrace she said it would make it ideal. >>host: this is a one-shot deal and this is allegros lashup for the rest of the month.yossi of bits and pieces of highgate but this be your last chance for the prime-time hours and the other thing i will mention is that this makes the most amazing i
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have given sheets for my brother and wife. >>guest: that makes you feel so good doesn't it? >>host: there a lot of whwedding give some people returned and this is something that they loved. >>guest: the best thing to give a hostess and likes to entertain a lot and has allowed a company ist of the ease and a peace of mind that they do not have to worry about how the sheets will into why have the time to get them out of the dryer and make them look like they're ready for photo shoot? how many of us have our beds looking like that? but all of us want that and we havestayinghroughout the year so make sure you are making your life easier and you do not have the
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time or energy you will have to touch these up at all. >>host: will be honest you why have purchased expensive sheets in the past and they all feel as good as these. even if you spend a lot of money on sheets and there is no that thoseoised to fail as soft and comfortable as these so let the price point for you. even if you are buying these for yourselves to combine these with the flameless candles and you want to create your own private sanctuary or a home week you can always send these back we will return your whole >>guest: if you are wondering what the microfiber or story is and what is the phenomenal everybody is talking make your life
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so much easier and we have3 with and bordering. >>host: is enough elegance and class of what i'd like is you can make the contemporary and whenever the decorating motif this is not so much about the importer re where the guy in life will feel it is a little too feminine. it is not prissy at all. >>guest: i would say is that proceeding is stately and the design element allemande is very stately. if you have an animal design or any other type of design it will go well you'll the suppleness of the design and the price iu is to you will pay a higher price to get a hold sheet set. you'll also get is
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a flat sheetnd to pillowcases. >>host: these are in slubbed quantities and all the various colors and i wish you could feel my wish you really could do that.this is what the money back guarantee is all about to get them at home and even if you laundered them and you are not please you could put them in the money package with our return label you can send them back to us and we will return your whole purchase price. we are giving you the gift comfort, expresses your skin and makes you feel good. knows my secret the softer the sheet and the softer and year issue again looks in the morning.
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>>guest: for the perfect gift for the couple and you are playing with how do i give a person each for the couple or for your grandparents are for people you want to make their life easier and make them look fabulous at the same time this is ideal. >>host: hope your shopping right now we would love to send this to you it is only available supplies last and many of the colors are this is less primetime show with the lowest price ever in history. those are all the color choices and selections there is lilacalready in slubbed quantities. quantities.
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you do get all 3 and remember these candles or on scented and they are remote control and with batteries included. now remember lavender and linen are in solemn quantities and right around the corner if you thought the6 c13 felt good way to you feel these >>guest: tossed those p.j.'s to the side and get ready. >>host: environmentt is true. >>guest: ellen bomber looks shocked tobonneellen bunner error
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>>host: welcome to the spotlight and this is the way to shop with us right now very to semester cartridges in cardigan set $20 off on any single item $20 a more card is approved to comply 1806951418 no annual fee and with so many benefits is the easiest way to shop and while you are on our hsn check out our hsn jewelry website you can shop earrings bracelets and so much more and just look for things is that sparkle on are hsn website. [commercial]
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[♪ music ♪] >>host: he know about the kindle fire its america's favorite 7 in. tablet for reason. you can do things with this tablet better closet to the fire and i'll say that we have outdone ourselves we have hit it out the ballpark. this is the lowest price on any tablet for the rest of the year and we will pay to send it to you. if you are a kindle fire fan or if you have your heart set on one or want to buy one for the-- kids or grandkids. maybe
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you are ready to settle with the class a weiner, a coffee and it is you have to worry what is in your bedroom this will protect your mattress it is our mattress pad and we have the last 2000 available. we believe these will sellout in the show is been famous here on hsn and flex payments are as good as long as quantities last. this is water and stain resistant is coming up and a few minutes with alan bomber butternner. we go from a luxury sheet feel to this butter said and i can't stop touching it. >>guest: this is the first time that highgate manor has ever done a micro fleece in a conference, but said it set
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only the comforter that should get but you also receive the decorative shams and decorative pillows all made in the same material is completely reversible so you can get to complete different looks. you get the black in the reverse side if you want to flip it fold the comforter back you have that opportunity. you also have two other choices you have it available in the paisley in6 c13 which has the beautiful ivoire body in the background it has colors and towns such as olive if properly, you also have it available in the green paisley and has taupe background and it reverses in the back to toe ability and and also washable in the mesh machine washable.
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>>host: it is a two and one and with the leopard you get the black and we have the chocolate brown with the sheet set look incredible with that. >>guest: even if you do the reverse side was the black side doesn't- look beautiful with the mocha brown is very sophisticated and friendly and don h. specific. it is their >>host: a updated and fresh and a classy way. >>guest: there's nothing that says juvenile in this leopard design. if you are going to the green paisley you have the opportunity to do this stage are blue or even mocha sheets. i will put these here and look at the combination.we do this to make it simple for you to
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be able to put your bedroom together without leaving your home and i absolutely love that. >>host: look at the sheets again and they literally flow and you know how sometimes you have a sheet that looks like+ is very scratchy and heavy. dishy is like a little angel wing it feels great and let me fall this back up i am sorry. >>guest: have many ways for you to put the bed to gather this (...) >>host: haven't felt these except for on the bed you can really appreciate the weight and a lecturerluxury on your bed.
11:34 pm
if you want the leopard there's fewer than 200 amongst the various sizes and we are charging you extra for the larger sizes. >>guest: so white colored or ivory color in the sheets is also ideal for the leopard comforter and every part of your comforter set up against a skin quick to feel phenomenal. this is your absolute go to comforter set you can put it in your washer machine or dryer and you will have nothing that will wrinkle. everything feelsy's soft it is a fleece done in microfiber so you will never lose the color saturation even in the black reverse side it will feel phenomenal.i love the fact that the shams feel like that in-- on both
11:35 pm
sides and you can slip up against it.what comforter set offers that? these are the same fabrication on both sides of the shams and decorative pillows and if you ever felt those that everybody loves not just babies bypass snuggled against them. these kind fabrics wallows you into a comfortable cozy state that you can fall into a deep sleep. >>host: he can't really put a price on sleeping it is a real great gifts to give its something they will use and will think about you when they use it. also again, i hope it is something you will do for yourself because maybe you are spending more time at home or in bed. maybe if you are not it makes time he spent in
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bed more worthwhile because it is more comforting. sometimes it is hard to mary's style and comfort all at once because normally to do not mix and that is why my shoes are so bad tonight. they're not in the oral plane so this is the way to start a young person out this fashion forward a comfortable, snugly and fun. allegra, i have to say with any of these patterns they are timeless and this is great with our highgate manor brand. >>guest: will never think you would find this kind of fabrication in this beautiful design which we did in the beautiful paisley and leopard.
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remember >>host: the sheets are still available to. >>guest:both of these colors go gray with this green paisley combination and this only had two airings prior to the show and became a customerk and everybody loved feel and sensation of these microfiber comfort we have this lengthy return policy so you can try them and you are or to flip when you open the package and you felt these before because you felt them in you contrast the bed with that design element are near sheets on your be - >>host: we are
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starting to lose sizes so i must ask you to make your buying decision now and remember this is allegra's last time of the grand finale. leave it off to last call and i must say as fabulous as they look they really do feel better in person. do not forget about the sheets worked hand-in-hand because the truth of the matter is when you have a comforter set that feels this delicious against the scan and if you have the scratchy old sheets are born to say what is the point? >>guest: the beautiful sensations is together for any part that is touching this on your skin is coin to fill great and it is going to college with your children
11:39 pm
and their and 11. not wrinkles so remember every part that touches you will fill philippe reversible it is available in the paisley and red paisley print. >>host: we are off to the phone we catherine never going to washington hi catherine and welcome to hsn. >>caller: , so excited to talk to you guys. >>host: and catherine were so excited you are here are you shopping for yourself?ller: now and take the rag de comforter off my bed and and waiting for the new one. and i am purchasing the animal print i think it is a sickness. >>host: to come with the warning label animal print is addictive? >>caller: whole house is done
11:40 pm
animal print and it should come with a warning and king's size at $80 is great. >>host: set your and get rid of the 0 comforter enter you site at house soft these are? >>caller: you know what my kitties also love it. >>guest: furry loved ones flip over this fabric-think you purchased that for them. >>host: run the house anyway. >>caller: when you are gone you know the cats will plight. >>host: is very true that is very well said and i am glad catherine you got the leopard before it sells and thank you for talking to us here hsn. >>guest: enjoy your set. >>host: thank you catherine. >>guest: everybody's going to be addicted to this and remember the fabric is like a
11:41 pm
baby plush material. >>host: two for one and if you want the sheets there's well over a thousand available and just in this area. we actually have 2000 and it is the last prime time show for the rest of the holidays. error whenever makeup artist calls always fun to have you here allegra. >>guest: royce fund and thank you. >>host: we have more because there collection coming up next we have the mattress pad if you spend hundredsvdollars under mattress you have to protect it guys. remember you will void the warranty otherwise. it will
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protect you from13 messages from your pets or anything. [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: i have to say this is the best place to do your holiday shopping and we are all buzzing about this. be honest you had your heart set on one of those tablet computers but you did not want to say that much money we to use your we have at midnight. this america's number one selling 7 in. tablet it is the famousmazon candle but it is thelowest price we have
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ever done. we are paying to send this to you is the- lowest price tablet usa at the rest of the can do everything you can do the full- sized computer would love to hear from you and our testimonial topline will be open. and this will be at 12 midnight and i am not sure you can see an order it now you might want a try. also we are switching to the concierge collection were getting you prepare for the holidays and 1 cu cozy if we argue little sneak peek at it you think comfortable and cozy and can't be affordable yes again. this free shipping and handling and less than $20 or in your shipping iscredit card. please come out here alan bomberellen bunner and
11:45 pm
you concede mama sparkles as here. she is our concierge collection expert and i must date this is something you have to get. a mattress flat might not be the most glamorous thing in the world to talk about the one she tried them especially hours if you will be spoiled for all others. let me start with the fact that we have the last 2000 available there+ only $23.32 on your credit card and i will be honest with you when i first walked onto the set and alan and i did not talk about this i thought it was just a topper i did not know it was a mattress pad. have you ever seen a mattress that looks like this? i have
11:46 pm
seen toppers that we sold for hundred and $20 that had sold for are looked similar to this. >>guest: is so important that a mattress pad to take your bed to the next level this is what this does. >>host: as i mentioned a mattress pad is up something sexual leavirresistible and i wish we had a retail price because i can promise you our retail approximation hear an hsn we sell them usually for over a hundred dollars that to what this does. remember, our mattress toppers do not do this because this actually protect sure mattress. st: ances and ts and
11:47 pm
protects and is over 3 in. that adds to your mattress and it is 8 protector mattress pad that is a hundred percent cotton. this has 300 bread count and it will protect stains and water. when this first came out when we introduce super magic and was and water and stain resistance this is one of our newer generations of magical loft mattress pad and look i know this looks scary but it all comes off. this is completely machine washable it is a hundred percent cotton and i have to show the best the fed is such a
11:48 pm
great debt it has 18 in. in accommodation. this is really and if you have off the other bed underneath you can use just over a period >>host: i have a concierge collection mattress bat and i paidas nice as this as a little quilting and it is lovely and i love it- glad that i have it. i have done my research on tablets in my bedroom night a my dinner on my bed and something always it is spelled soap thank god i have my mattress do not have a copper or featherbed and you have a uncomfortable mattress just forget the fact that it will protect the mattress. lashes say you have a lumpy mattress and it is hard to eufaula's sleep i know
11:49 pm
you 61 and the left it is flying but the thing is and as many of you know i am a problem sleeper i have physical challenges and the hours and i and we all know i have issues but when it comes to sleep you cannot put a price on that. i know that it sounds crazy that a mattress that will help you sleep better and good grief we dessert that better sleep as you rely on thatr a better day in may to a better person and dad, mom or employee. when3 it fact out that it will protect mattress about the comfort inn and it is final call6 c13 $23.32 to get this at home and ellen would really impresses me is that this is made better than a topper. >>guest: yes, it is
11:50 pm
actually canned stuff and has aloft hypoallergenic filling inside hand finished so each little 6 in. square has that fell and it is so importantlike little marshmallows it makes it statery time you wash it. you wash cheese they will get and softer. >>host:remember as good as this looks on television way to you get at home and immerse yourself. >>guest: to come to the edge we put a frame border around because it adds to the stability of mattress and gives did a featherbed and topper field. is machine washable
11:51 pm
and you know what else on or to share your i will show you this again if you saw this with the stain and water repellent so nothing is going through there. the differences in shannon look underneath its knot- mac plastic. so. >>host: this is what i wanted to show you because allen knows for yearsellen knows i had a cat would issues and i had to purchase a guitar and i sweat tarp. it felt
11:52 pm
like you were sleeping on rubber. >>host: >>guest: these are hundred% cotton and it will not make your bed hot able not heated up. >>host: this looks like a mountain of marshmallows in this crazy. this is
11:53 pm
they can't always do right? >>guest: new get it out of washing machine and dryer and gets softer and loftier every time you do it. >>host: 6 c13 q might even find yourself doing that and who would know that a mattress that would make you feel so silly. we all know what a mattresses like maybe you have that right now. the truth of the matter is think of the poor little gas or kids even if you do not put it on your bed. >>guest: you sell for another month on a bad mattress this is a another way to enhance our add more
11:54 pm
life to it. think of this as an extension of their mattress set your washing and putting on your bed. you can't wash the mattress and it dander and dust mites. look at that softness. >>host: look to the marshmallows and the kitty kat. you have to remember it that is your back, and knees. it is a >>guest: eyecare adding a topper to your mattress. >>host: as all of your pressure points and by the way we can go a little bit beyond the clock we have the last 60 seconds but 1 give you time to make you decide to buy this. i believe this will sellout during the show and if you are remotely thinking about it get it at home and put a bed. just collapse into the little
11:55 pm
kitty cat thing if it doesn't convince you that you are sleeping on these little comforting marshmallows or ellen's demonstration of pouring you are spending only $23 changeless 60 day money back guarantee. we also found everyone to say hi to rose and texas. i rose and walked on stage as senator alan and shannon. >>caller: allen and shannon. >>host:allen did i hear rightright did you got three of these? >>caller: yes i purchased them from my family and what is the pillow they are talking >>host: ttes si these set a to pillowcases and there's a topper on both sides is
11:56 pm
machine washed hundred% cotton and water resistant. to date >>caller: come in different sizes or are they all standard? i believe >>guest: a common standard error- king. >>caller: i like to order these. >>host: rose have fun with these i will get shorter my producer pads baking get you back to the ordering line. >>caller: thank you shannon yourself funny. >>host: thank you rose and their christmas to you to money. mary >>caller: christmas. >>guest: i love these as they do not lose all lofty few like the it and that's why they're the best selling.
11:57 pm
>>host: going screw mend 60 seconds there are many people calling as much quantities that are remaining. if you want those grab decaying and mrs. allen's lthem to. this is e;;e llen's show.grab yours why you have them we are delighted that you are here and like i said nobody wakes up that says i want a mattress pad where you will be glad you did if you purchase it. we are 2 minutes away from our
11:58 pm
today'sial and i seat aaron berger over in the wings he is warming up like an olympic athlete he has very cute outfit you have to see what he's wearing.i have always check out to sea where erin is wearing you can check iman on you to with your candle. why you do can't cuddle up with your socks and cozy blanket as we went for magic loft soften cozy witches are legendary blankets which we sold over 85,000 of these. this is >>guest: always a customer its own ways it has produced a one is better is it will keep you nice and warm but it is so 0 iced wait and we have sold 85,000 of the >>host: our machine washable and i think they get softer after you wash them. >>guest: a redid
11:59 pm
array of turk premium soft as soft as it is ever been and we've added a faux buy knit so no one else has it and it a tune in next luxury level. have these available in the lockport ivory sage ruby, purple, a chocolate brown and the blankblack which has the animal print zebra on it. and how >>host: as the free shipping and handling which is never been done before than $20 to get it home. so i is a much ellen it was great having you here on the show. right around the corner you to see this in person and i know i should
12:00 am
never play favorites when it comes to television and all my planners of this is my favorite television to and all my planner's know that i loved d d l pique televisions it and why? i love movie theaters and i want this to my house this is like having a theater in my house. they gave me flex pay only for my you see what a spoiled girl i am? if you are ready i am ready and you know you had your heart set on a talent and for moms and dads across america not only is this america sweetheart but it is america's number one selling inchedreason it is faster, smoother and better web experience and you
12:01 am
[♪ music ♪] 8 and >>host: you are in for a treat tonight. we pull out all the stops for the holidays but not only is america's sweetheart, this the number one selling 7 in. tablet in the world for a reason. the kindle fire is famous for its ease of its maneuverability, how much fun it is to use, this is a powerhouse, you will get more processor, morem memory and it is fun to and trust me, you probably will not use your computer again because this does go with the world take shoe , it's in the palm of your hands with the brilliant screen one thing i want to addition to much and this is this will be more durable then the toys to kids play with.the classic
12:02 am
and frame and scream, it is more durable than probably the toys that your kids are playing with right now. this book to last, it is billed for a lifetime it is liver then and that their weight weighing 14 ounces, the big soda that you get at the movie theater with a way more than your move kindle fire. know this is what america once and if you've had your heart set on it, for my money this is the best of all to amazon, getting the maps, the experience, you are getting a lot of software, you can show everyone the bundle but you are going to get these stylist, you are also getting the u.s. the collector to plug into your computer and of course you have your ear buds, thises and
12:03 am
the reader, it will read the books to you for kids. even non amazon, there is a free application you can download for you can text for free. it is amazing but it is more than a books, music internet, and it will work and play functionality out of it is all but also, can you believe, it is candle, lowest price in history, this will also be lowest price tablet that we have for the rest of the year, and we have free shipping. thus and $40 guesses at home in new shoppers, remember that you do qualify, if you have a debit card, a major credit you are in, you have it. the only thing i do want to ask you about, we will show you what you get is well but i do think these are the nicest cases we have ever made it available. rugged,
12:04 am
after all, it keeps it out together, we have in various colors we have the royal blue brown white, black, red , pink and i love to welcome your testimonials but everything from the stylists, at u.s. be connector, had set , all of your favorite apse included, faster, more fun and it is here at hsn and of course we do have my friend aaron burr, i know you have been seen him over five years at hsn and you know i cannot keep a secret but this, come >>guest: on this is huge. this only
12:05 am
the top selling tablet in the entire country and its size. the top- selling 7 in. tablet color of a list price be a barber done it at hsn and if you are thinking, it is closer to christmas, not only can you get the kindle fire, this is the new one this is new and. it has faster web browsing, better video, easier to use fantastic four kids and you can determine how video work game 2 can do. it is the largest price tablet for the rest of the hsn shopper, this is your tablet for the rest of the year, this is the lowest price it will have but you are getting the best, it does not get better, this experience does not get better, look at that, one of the amazing will talk about amazing things but one of the amazing
12:06 am
things about kindle fire, it is graphically easier to use they take the android operating system which is the global operating system in the country, or tablets and smartphone sold with the android operating system than any other people love it because it does-video, and unlike the padby the mall for $800 or $900 this does plate/video and while it does have 8 gb on storage, you could do things like nexlixbut i'm a tidbit storage on the also get a lot for free. u can borrow for free. but the point is, you can do as much as you want, you can download from the amazon store 22 million
12:07 am
things to download and also you can download to your heart's content infinite free storage. it will set it apart and make it faster you can see up then did this come about 14 ounces in the web browsing experience is about 40% faster, they have a wonderful browser it is called browser is new but this is your time to go for it. we have been out here for one minute and 600 out the door. >>host: people joining us in here is the best part about starting my day with you is always fun to see you at the start of a new day but i do know, we have them.believe me, we buyers notes and literally before the they bought as many of these as they could but when this is gone, this is gone, no back order or waitlist,
12:08 am
this is a one shot to deal, it is the finest moment, we do what it all.we won the internet the web, we want a tablet computer but most of want to spend $500 or six and a dollars but most of us to not have that money to invest but we do what a brand name in the amazing fluidics periods, the screen is amazing but it is more durable than the toys that your kids are playing with right now is durable plastic casing is book to take with you on the road, to put it in your hope you're asking about the cases because they have little sheen to them and they almost look like a book in a way. this does so many things that tablets will not. you have to ask yourself, why is the kindle fire the number one selling 7 into the world.
12:09 am
this one is 8 what shopper, i am a warrior, you cannot keep me producer at heat is 8 web over black friday, over the weekend and he said there is nothing that heat his interest but you want the amazon the kendall, the brand name, and to be honest most of us to expect, we do not get flex pay when we go to the $39.99. g called3 extended holiday gift returns process holiday. you know you want the but if you are getting this as a gift you can try issue by you could take a free test drive, going on a road going for the holidays. you do have until january
12:10 am
31st where well into the new year, triage to buy it, a ticket for a test drive, we will pay to send it to you i do realize that this is the lowest price in hsn history, $40 c13 credit card will get this at home. let me take you to right now with our web specials is the kindle fire $230, sold out, it is a perfectng is $12 shipping and not only back, it is basically it is 8 gate, you are spending a lot more money. >>guest: that is a web of special but if you know how hard we worked and plans and work with them to get this to you as the this is the final android today's special of the year the lowest price for the end of the year and the best thing. you can
12:11 am
buy cheaper, you can get that all day can you get better and more for the money you spend absolutely not. it is a top quality the well of the amazon start to you but if you want to download i am playing a little cut the rope. [laughter] >>host: have over 1000 people shop that you can but based of the response it is going to be a short day. c13 would love to send this to you and i know you want to come if you apart at the to have your heart set on it, my friend rachel, she lets helps me do a lot of things the
12:12 am
web and she is she is a cyber in sheet is 8 kindle fire curled and if you had your heart set on the one and only, there is a reason, it is america's sweetheart the number one selling 7 in. tablet in the world and aaron burr reminds me, is for money but this is my personal opinion but if you are looking for a tablet for kids, based on what i know about the kindle fire, tass to be this tablet.controls, it will read to your kids, it will read to you if youisually impaired or maybe you are driving in you can't take your eyes off the road to read a book but there are so many things but are built-in controls for kids for they can customize the screen it is free time. >>guest: free time means if your by this tablet for you, unless you are an
12:13 am
incredible denver, the kids will want to use it also, you can give them their own along again. they cannot get in and access your things your e-mail your files unless to allow them to and you can control under their log and how much time they spend doing things.they can read as much as they you are able to control all of those but one of the things that shannon was talking about this does have text to speech as well. any of these stories if you have these stories are books and that, if you want it read to you you can do that very simply and that is a nice extra feature built-in. maybe there is a loved one in europe like that is visually impaired, you can and you can these settings will be large, you can have this big setting for
12:14 am
official leak impaired. >>host: look at the response by the way and i know, i wish we had more of these and we do have noted this pointc13 in on 2000 and that is what i we would sell the first airing, this is a home run. you have to remember on even at a higher price people love it. [electronic voice] >>guest: download map not a quest for free that is one of the things i downloaded, you can buy office applications, if you wanna do year xl, our point, you can download office programs and what would love to show you, we have


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